February 16, 2012

“De Koknar Le Zara” Pashto Version (The Poison of Opium)

Hello friends,I was asked by the US goverment and Afghan governments to write a song for an anti heroin/anti opium campaign. here is the pashto version of the song. I hope you enjoy it… and pray for a peaceful, prosperous afghanistan where we don’t have the darkness of heroin and opium addiction furthering an already grave situation.http://soundcloud.com/arianadelawari/de-koknar-le-zara-pashto

this audio book by scholastic called “Words in the Dust” by Trent Reedy was also just released on tape. I did the narration. it was an extremely profound experience for me. It kind of felt like preparing for a one woman show since i had to be all of the characters… I especially enjoyed reading as the character “Meena”. an Afghan grandmother who teaches the protagonist Zulaikha about Afghanistan before the war and before the Taliban. It was very moving for me to create this. I hope you enjoy it and share it with any young people or your children…