TIME Magazine Interview with Ariana Delawari


VICE World News “These Afghan Women are Rejecting the ‘Morbid’ Taliban Dress Code with Sass

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Marie Claire Brazil Interview with Ariana Delawari

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Heather Porcaro Music Video Directed by Ariana Delawari

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The Frame radio interview with Ariana Delawari

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The Frame

TIME released Ariana’s documentary feature film We Came Home

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The Vinyl District : Graded on a Curve New Release Pick ENTELECHY 

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Dreaming as the Heart of Activism and Art : An Interview with Ariana Delawari – Reality Sandwich

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IMPOSE Premieres “Here is My Love” Video 

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SPIN’s Pure Volume Premiere’s “The Wonderment” 

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Northern Transmissions Premiere’s “The Warrior”

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BUST Interview : Ariana Delawari talks the musical renaissance in Afghanistan and her long awaited album 


The Village Voice : Ariana Delawari’s Dreamy Fight Songs Get Double Treatment 

the village voice

FLAUNT Premieres Entelechy Film


SOMA Magazine People Issue “Ariana’s Diaries : Dispatch from Kabul” 

SOMA magazine People Issuse

Buzzbands LA Premieres Entelechy Single “Here is My Love”

buzzbands LA

Ariana Delawari Double or Nothing Interview 

Double or Nothing Interview

Issue Magazine Interview Ariana Delawari and Nicole Disson

issue magazine

German Glamour Women of LA

photo by Ami Souix, styled by Masha Orlov

photo by Ami Souix, styled by Masha Orlov

Indiewire Interview

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New York Times Review of WE CAME HOME

The Hollywood Reporter Review of WE CAME HOME


An Interview with Paula Goldstein for Voyage D’Etudes

“Few things benefit a documentary more than a powerful female character spitting back in the face of opposition” – The Daily Beast “Women in the World”

Rolling Stone Middle East Feature Story on Ariana

Policy Mic interview with Ariana – “This is the future young Afghans want for their country”

A piece written by Ariana for KCET’s “Arrival Stories”

NPR Snap Judgement Interview with Ariana Delawari and Noor Delawari “Afghanistan Homecoming”

Rolling Stone Middle East Feature “Ariana Delawari Heads Home”

Voice of America Interview with Ariana, Report on We Came Home

SOMA Magazine Cover Feature July/Aug 2012 Music Issue “Afghanistan is her Name”

Justlux Magazine Interview with Ariana

Folha de Sao Paulo TV interview and live recording session with Ariana

Oesquema Brasil piece on Ariana and the film

The Times Uk / Afghanistan Cover Feature on Ariana and her participation Sound Central Rock Festival Kabul

CBC Radio/ NPR “As It Happens” Interview with Ariana

USA Today story on Sound Central Rock Festival featuring Ariana

Ariana announced as a TEDx Kabul Speaker and Performer

Arte France/Germany Interviews Ariana for a feature on Sound Central Rock Festival

Arte TV interview with Ariana and the other artists at Sound Central Festival

AFP Covers Sound Central Rock Festival Sound Central Rock Festival

Sandman Blog Germany entry about We Came Home

Huffington Post article on Sound Central Rock Festival

Washington Post Article on Sound Central Rock Festival

“A beautiful reminder that, while protest music often erupts as a scream of rage or rides over bellicose beats, it can also be quieter — and ravishingly beautiful” – MTV IGGY review of “Be Gone Taliban” music video

“Watch as she transforms from a woman, given no voice, into a thing of beauty and raw expression that would make a Taliban’s head explode” – IFC premiere of “Be Gone Taliban” video

“Taliban leaders think music is sinister, but nevertheless, they’ve inspired the sound of Ariana Delawari” – Scott Simon, NPR WEEKEND EDITION interview

“A California sound, by way of Kabul” – LA Times Feature Story on Ariana


Ariana Delawari’s Afghanistan DreamLA WEEKLY article

“…a ferocious and visceral piece of agit-pop.” – NEW YORK TIMES album review

“Delawari wrote or co-wrote everything on Lion of Panjshir. She has used her origins to make a seemingly timeless album that will likely sound as compelling in a decade as it does now…Lion of Panjshir showcases not only versatility, but depth, warmth, and honest emotion as well as musical sophistication. Delawari is a gifted songwriter who understands the true nature of collaboration with her equally talented friends” – Tom Jurek, ALL MUSIC GUIDE

IFC Album Review

“…the album is lush with texture, deep with meaning, and beautifully played…Lion of Panjshir contains several protest songs that are delivered with deliberate hardness and abandon. But beyond the explicit content of the songs, the anger and tension surrounding the possible rise of the Taliban permeates the music itself. The blending of Eastern and Western sounds feels like a prayer that Afghanistan can move freely into the future, rather than be shackled to the past. Finally, the location and the way in which it was created make this release its own statement. I can comfortably recommend this album for its beauty, its innovation, and its importance.” – ALTSOUNDS album review

“…purchasing this album and putting it in your 2009 arsenal is an absolute must…ripe with tension and release, Delawari’s urgency is inherently shackled to each and every note of the record. Tracks hover at the brink of breakdown but never digress. Tightly controlled arrangements and big ambient sounds wander everywhere and jerk and change without warning…Delwari becomes a “Lion of Panjshir” of her own, bringing her cultural heritage and cautionary pleas to the western world. Her unique stance, straddling America and Afghanistan, brings her storytelling to listeners clearly and unapologetically. Pleasingly, Lion of Panjshir is also ripe with musical worth and talent. She’s got her feet in many standards and plays them all extremely well.” – CITIZEN DICK album review

“…the album sweeps along on extravagant rowls of fuzz and trippy, slurring string arrangements. Sitars hum, and Asian percussion pops.” – POP MATTERS

“Lion of Panjshir is Psychedelic folk rock with deep influences of traditional Afghan music. Haunting Afghan lyrics suddenly morph into English, translated through Delawari’s vulnerable, girlish yet powerful voice; she embodies the raucous rants of Janis Joplin and the modest feistiness of Cat Power…The compositions have the power to drop your heart in a chord change.” – LA WEEKLY

“…the last 30 seconds of “Crazy for You,” from Los Angeles folkies Lion of Panjshir, are chilling – front woman Ariana Delawari and her traditional Afghan backing accelerate feverishly, breaking a sweat Madonna never quite did, or could.” – SPIN

“Lion of Panjshir render “Crazy for You” with tabla, sitar, and acoustic strums, but lose none of the song’s erotic spark, thanks to Ariana Delawari’s bold and breathy performance.” – PITCHFORK

“I love this music. It’s timely. It’s beautiful. It’s an experience to hear it. It’s ancient and modern, and it gives a whole other picture to Afghanistan.” – DAVID LYNCH

Ariana Delawari: The Sounds of HomeBMI Feature

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